Ten reasons why you should choose Baleal for you surf holidays


1. Wave consistency. Portugal is THE best spot for Surf in Europe! No argue about that. And in Portugal I definitely have to say that this place Baleal, is the most consistent i know from the almost 1000Km Portuguese coastline.

2. Waves for all levels. The wave consistency is either perfect for Beginner as for advanced Top Surfers.

3. Great weather. The weather, again, the best in all Europe. Like 300 sunny days per year!

5. Top quality beaches. Clean beaches In the beginning of the summer season Quercus analises the beach the water and the condition of the beach. Last year in Peniche, our city town, we had 3 golden beaches, 2 of this Baleal Norte and Baleal Sul beach. Let me say that this classification relies on the last 5 years, that need to keep up with good number, or it can loose the qualification! Well, beautiful white sand beaches, awesome cliffs and landscapes and clear water, besides the perfect waves, unspoiled nature, is all you can expect!

5. Language. In terms of communication, you can find that from the youngest to the among population, English is widely spoken. Every portuguese got to learn a second languages in school. Either french or english you may even find some speaking a bit of Italian, German, or Spanish. Well, they say that we discover half of the world,… So, don’t feel embarrassed, if you need to ask us any kind of assistance. We are always happy to help a tourist.

6. Crowd. There is so much coastline, that you can’t even imagine. We drive a jipe to get to know new spots to Surf and we didn’t discovered them all yet, because around the conner if you avoid the central beaches, you can find some quiet surf Spots. And there are a lot of non touristic hotspot beaches without any kind of bar or restaurant support or accessibilities. It’s a good reason for some to avoid this kind of beaches, it’s the best reason for us Surfers, to grab a snack and spend a all day at an uncrowded spot. A tip – If you are an average or beginner surfer, stay away from the perfect lineups, observe the good surfing and let the locals breath. Don’t get me wrong, everyone have the same wrights, but we all need to know how to behave.

7. Food. Please please for once leave the pizzas and hamburgers aside and try our food. All week meals will not be enough for our 1000 codfish plates, our fresh seafood that you may see arriving right from the fisherman hands, our big cow stakes, all our veggies and salads with local agriculture products. Don’t forget to get a beach snack with our season fruits. And by dinner, please try regional premium wines. All places around Baleal and Peniche are affordable fare. You will fall in love with this sweet place on earth.

8. Good prices. Baleal Offers all the comfort and all kind of touristic services, at a really affordable price. If Lisbon is considered one of the affordable cities in Europe, imagine our little Baleal town where everything is even cheaper!

9. Our Culture. Baleal became everyones land. You can meet a fisherman form town or a big family working together at the same business or you can meet once tourists that became locals. Find impressive castles, medieval and dinosaurs towns, Peniche Wave Capital, Nazaré new big wave stories, Festivals, concerts, fairs, all in around 50km distance, all year around.

10. All year around. Yes 360 days of surf warranty! Yes, it means you can come at any time!

Convinced that Baleal is one of the best surfing places in the world? Come and see it for yourself!

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