Presenting our surf coach

Hello my name is Inês Tralha and i am a professional sports teacher.

I personally run all classes closely to keep the best pedagogic quality possible, considering the students levels, their motivations and the environment conditions….
The surf world is full of all kind of people giving classes on the beach.
That’s why i would like to introduce my self in a very resumed CV.
  • I was the Portuguese women national champion 2000

  • I Competed globally

  • I have 23 years surf experience

  • I have 20 year Sports coaching experience

  • I have a High degree in sports (by Universidade Lusófona)

  • Im Graduated in Surf (by Faculdade de Motricidade Humana)

  • Im also the Coach of Sérgio Cosme – Nazaré Professional Jet Rescue and Big Wave Rider


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