Baleal is one of those magic places... Specially if we are surf addict, because we can surf all year around, 360 day at least.

Because of the coast cutaways, and our weather of course, unmatched in all Europe, it turns Baleal into a dream land for all kind of Surfers. 
We leave a tip for you: the best time to travel to Baleal is during our wonderful mid season from April do June, September to November. You will find quiet line ups 
The hardest thing to learn/train Surf is to find conditions for daily practice and to repeat as many time as you need to learn a skill. And here in Baleal, you have those kind of controlled conditions

Inês Tralha

Is passioned about health and sports, and have special love about water sport's movement mechanics .

She dedicated her life to study it.
Obsessed about Efficiency Vs effectiveness to training and teaching methods, it’s what made her focus on studying to improve a fast and better way of teaching/learning, without loosing the special emotional touch that only Nature Sports can put us through.
Surfing for more than 23 years, teaching all kind of sports for 20, and Surf Coach for 17 year.

Studied Physical and Sports Education and became oficial school teacher at age 23. But her passion was the sea, so she went back to University for another degreed, this time specific in Surf.
She has the knowledge and the experience and a lifetime doing what she loves more: to teach and to coach without living her own practicing.


In a very resumed and unique CV:

- Portuguese women national champion 2000
- Competed globally
- 23 years surf experience
- 20 year Sports coaching experience
- 17 years advanced Surf coaching experience
- High degree in sports (by Universidade Lusófona)
- Graduated in Surf (by Faculdade de Motricidade Humana)
- Coach of Se´rgio Cosme - Nazaré Professional Jet Rescue and Big Wave Rider
"More than anything, I just wan to to share real emotions and a natural living inspiration."